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Dreaming of God

Find hereunder a description of God as thought of by my subconscious:

“God is great,

God is a giant white hydraulic excavator with a drill bits attached to it’s giant eight arms, like an octopus,

You can see God from wherever you are; or rather God can always see you!

So as I arrived to this world, I start thinking about God, their weird God that looks like robot octopus with drills in its hands.

This God is certainly angry and revengeful, its hands can reach you wherever you hide, God would punish you for anything even your little thoughts. I thought to myself ” حكومة وسخة!! ” and then immediately I saw, from where I was- a room with a very high ceiling and little windows at the top of the walls where very dim light can escape to reach me, I saw God, you can always see God, moving slowly from where It is, the center of the Town. God knew what goes on my mind, God is coming to punish me.

Being smarter that God itself I decided I can find a place where even God won’t find me, I went under Teta’s sofa and I kept hiding there. Eventually God gave up and decided to raise the tax four times only on  my neighborhood  so they would starve and speak about where I was hiding…”

وأحب أشكر السيد الرئيس حسني مبارك على الانسبيراشان