10 responses to “Banners

  1. Just wanna say, who is Kareem? I want to know the man behind the mystery?

  2. now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Corrina Eudora.

  3. damn all these beautiful gir. Mihangel Caiaphas.

  4. بعيدا عن كتاباتك … اعتقد انه بداخلك الكثير لتقولين

  5. ايه الكلام ابن المتناكه ده جايبين شويه شارميط تتكلم او عيال متناكه المهم انهم كلهم متناكين الى يتكلم كلام عقل
    والى يعرف يتكلم انا كاتب ايميلى

  6. الرأسمالية..الأزمة المالية العالمية..ملف ايران..تطورات الموقف في القدس

  7. In support of my learning reasons, I at all times used to download the video lectures from YouTube, for the reason that it is straightforward to fan-out from there.

  8. Dear Salma,
    CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is currently writing our 2011 State of Civil Society Report and we would love to include short interviews with Arab Spring Activists and bloggers in our chapter on citizen participation.
    The State of Civil Society 2011 is a new initiative of CIVICUS and it will be the only annual report on the health and state of civil society, and the enabling environment, authored by the civil society sector itself.
    Please contact me for more info or if you’re interested in participating in a short 20 minute interview.

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